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admin November 17, 2014

By ICT Mindtools we refer to ICT tools that necessarily engage users in higher order thinking. Students cannot use mind tools without thinking deeply about the task at hand. Mind tools require students to be creative and to think and make connections for themselves. ‘Children need to learn learning, which is primarily acquired through the passion […]

Brain Entrainment

Lucid Dreaming Suggestions

admin March 26, 2015

Lucid Dreaming Suggestions There are really tons of lucid dreaming solutions which have been created by excellent dreamers, or through the dreaming vicinity. The following …See Initial Short article Lucid Dreaming & & The Insatiable XXXX Lucid Dreaming & The Pressing XXXX: A Dream Erotica Self-Promotions by Authors and Publishers.See Original Article 7976 Whiteboard Animation […]

1st post. Brainwave entrainment, nootropics, general activation … 1st post. Brainwave entrainment, nootropics, basic activation … – published in Introduce Yourself: Hey, Ive delighted in reading these forums, and have …See Original Short article False Awakening, Lucid Dream or Rest Paralysis?There appears to be some debate on exactly what each of these things are, and […]

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