General Mind Tools


admin November 17, 2014

By ICT Mindtools we refer to ICT tools that necessarily engage users in higher order thinking. Students cannot use mind tools without thinking deeply about the task at hand. Mind tools require students to be creative and to think and make connections for themselves. ‘Children need to learn learning, which is primarily acquired through the passion […]

Brain Entrainment

Dream Quartz Aids lucid Dreaming & & Stimulates Prophetic Dreams Dream Quartz aids the recall of dreams & promotes lucid dreaming. They assist weight reduction, help serene sleep and boost psychic abilities such … See Original Post Deep Sleep Music â $”Sleep Meditation Music with Delta Waves Binaural Beats, Sleeping Music Yoga For Relaxation. Deep […]

Binaural beats adrenal fatigue

admin July 16, 2018

Binaural beats adrenal tiredness Binaural beats adrenal fatigue. Thank you for putting all this details together! Adrenal fatigue is such a prevalent issue in our society. While I … See Original Article Nerve Regrowth Noise Therapy Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Binaural Beats Meditation … Download Nerve Regrowth Sound Therapy Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Binaural Beats Meditation Music […]

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